DIY Make your own Shrimp food

Hokkaido (pumpkin) Go to your local store and get yourself a pretty pumpkin. Cut the pumpkin open and take out the insides. Then with a knife cut away the outer skin. Now get out the thin cutter/skinner and start making thin strips of pumpkin. Once you have the wanted amount put it on the oven plate with some bake paper. Turn on your oven and heat it up to aprox.  100 celsius. Now put the oven plate covered with the strips of pumpkin into the oven and keep checking on it every few minutes. Also flip/ stur the strips around a little to get them to dry out evenly. After a while you wil notice the strips start to be very dry and wrinkled. once they are totally dried take them out the oven and let them cool down before you store them in bags or bins. Your shrimp will LOVE pieces of this. Ofcourse the hokkaido sticks you buy in shops have some additives to them like calcium /kalium etc
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Shrimp food