DIY Make your own Heat wire acrylic bender.

A lot of people like to use acrylic instead of glass for making tanks and additional stuff for it like overflow parts or devider etc. When working with acrylic silicone is NOT a good option. it will not bond to the acrylic like it does to glass. so if you want to make corners for your acrylic project you will have to bend it. here is an easy way to make an acrylic bender. get your battery charger out and grab a piece of heat wire. i took some heat wire out of and old heat blower from which the fan was broken. It was a 1000watt heat wire working on ~230 volts. Which this i concluded that it should use about 4 amps. (a little more) i nailed a 40cm piece of the wire in between 2 wooden boards with ends on a fireproof part. So that the heat wire lays in between the 2 wooden. this makes it easy to put your project over it without burning it. I hooked up one end of the charger to one end of the wire. The other side of the charger i hooked up at about 25cm distance. this gave me about 3.5 amps from the charger and made the heat wire glow very nice!. changing the distance in between the two clips from the battery charger will change the amps going through it. for testing i used a 5mm thick piece of acrylic. placed it over the heat wire for aprox. 2 minutes. After that it was VERY EASY bending the acrylic. keep it in place for a while to avoid warping or deformation. once cooled down your done!!
Simple car battery charger
heat wire from inside heatblower
Heatwire connected to charger with test piece above glowing  heatwire
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HotWire Bender