This webpage is still being worked on. Topics/subject added or mistakes corrected wich can cause in temporary inaccessability!! Apologies for any inconvenience!! Welcome introduction The hobby This hobby has gotten my attention due to the versatility and of course the beauty of the animals themselves. This website is primarily intended to share information and experiences on the aquarium / shrimp hobby The information and experience that is gained is spread over the course of time on these pages and may differ from your own experiences the information on the pages meant as supplementary information and should not (always) to the letter are taken accurately. Pictures spread on the web his own photographs of their own culture. !! I also pretend NOT to be an expert in this area so all the information and / or return link is welcome. All feedback has been rated even if it is negative. Mistakes you only learn when you get alerted on it! (Or are aware of) Also there is a "Aqua Shop" which shows the different gran eels, snails and fish are available. The animals with utmost care as well kept as the aquarium plants themselves are used in private aquariums or farmed WITHOUT any additions or power supplies. As well as the available products are created and / or tested. In this example, you should think of pumps, filters, tanks baking etc. These are 99% products that I myself make / use or purchase and fine to'm talking about. You can see in the aqua shop what is available. For questions or orders please e-mail or call. Just click on contact Over time there will be more, do it yourself projects and experiences are added  from a current of shrimp, fish, snails and vegetable garden to graphics. With graphics you should for example think for example logos, posters, banners or headers for your own website. ALL other usable graphics are watermarks (as seen here at the bottom of the page is transparant) Do you have an idea, sketch or complete design in mind? contact us for more information or to make realize your designs in computer graphics. There is as mentioned above, a do it yourself section. In these pages is different information on projects related to the aquatic hobby. There are several things in the aquarium hobby that you can do yourself / create and apply. Even with two left hands to make it often possible different things with some house hold actual items themselves. Here you will learn from the projects you make plus it can save some cost a good in some cases !! For more information and projects to do yourself to do it yourself pages. Here you will find buckets make various buttige practical things like aquarium, water steriliser, feeding etc make
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