DIY Coconut hideouts

It is very easy to make these small hideouts yourself.

You can make them in any way you like.Get yourself a coconut from the store. Now get out your drill with a hole saw and a hand saw. If your a little lazy you could use a dremel or angled grinder with saw blade to. Ofcourse if you do not intend to eat the insides. Me i kinda like coconut and my partner does not like a mess so i try to keep it a little clean. I first drill a few holes around the coconut with a holesaw iwht approx 3cm. After this i take out the saw and cut the coconut in 2 or 3 pieces depending on the size of hideout i want. Also saw straight through a few holes to give them an entrance leveled with bottom.They WILL ofcourse fnd other entrances as well. On the op i drill 1 or 2 holes of approx 5mm and stick in a bit of moss to make it grow onto the coconut outer shell. you can also bind the moss down with some thin fishing wire. Cutting it in 3 instead of 2 will decrease thesize of the hideout but you can add more in your tank. Once you cut or sawn the coconut in 2-3pieces push out the complete inside of the coconut in one time by putting your finger in the 3cm holes you made to loosen it and spoon it out if its a little stuck. Once this is done you can check if you would like to add more holesor not. if not you want to set it in water for about a day and will se the water turn brown. repeat this process several times to avoid your water in your tank going brown.  
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Coconut HideOuts