DIY - Make your own Tanks

Tanks / aquaruims come in all kinds of sizes and can be quite expensive  depending on what your looking for ofcourse . But it is actually NOT that hard to make one yourself!! I used glass from an old display cabinet.But also panes can be used or whatever you can get your hands on cheap. All you need is: glass (best 5mm and up for big sizes) glass cutter NON TOXIC silicone acetone (to clean the surface ) Sandpaper 80 grid 90 degree angle ruler or stand to keep glass in place can help alot. and some sticky tape. What you need to do is cut the glass to the desired measurements your want the tank to be. Take notice of the thickness of the glass when cutting the lengths!! First cut out the base to desired measurements. then cut out the back and front to the same length as the base and the desired height. Then cut out the 2 sides as big as the depth of the base minus 2xthe thickness (front and back) sand down the edges a bit to prevent cutting yourself. DO THIS ON A LEVELED SURFACE. Now clean the edge where the glass will stand with acetone for a good clean surface and so that the silicone will bond to the glass. silicone all four sides after cleaning them..  it is better using a little more silicone then not enough. It is easily scraped of with a razor blade. Now set the back/front glass and one of the side panes on the base and angle them 90 degrees. stick it together with some tape. Add the other 2 sides to the base and check every corner you can find for 90 degree angle. Let the whole thing dry for 24 to 48 hours before filing it with water And make a test filling somewhere safe. preferrably outside. Check for leaks.If there are no leaks its best to circulate some water in it for some hours. Refresh water and repeat 2-3 times and the tank is good to go!! if all went right you will now have a custom made fish / shrimp tank. Congratulations!!
First home made tank with balcony  running without shrimp in it yet. Shrimp in smaller tanks eager to move!!
DIY Projects
In this second tank i made is 60x60 cm and put a devider in the middle of it. so it becomes a 2 in 1
LED lighting Cutting glass H20 Sterilizer HotWire Bender Shrimp food Egg tumbler Gravel Cleaner Waterbridge Co2 System Coconut HideOuts
First home made tank with balcony
Larger TINTED tank (80cmx40cmx40cm) made from “recycled”  glass out of old electronics cabinet.
Loads of glass panes cutt to size for making breeding and seperation tanks for the shrimp hobby. (3 done...lots to go!)
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