DIY WaterBridge

Some hobbyists have these things you call “water bridges”. It is just a fancy way of saying 2 tanks are connected via a pipe , hose or self build glass or acrylic waterway. This might be done for several reasons. This way you are able to make the tank twice the size . Also you are able to filter/circulate multiple tanks with one filter/pump. Or just for emergy due to having only one pump or failing of a pump. Easiest way of making a water bridge is of course with a water hose. making it into a U-shape and turning it upside down over the edges of 2 tanks makes a water bridge. Of course ensuring there is no more air left inside it. By doing this you will equalize the water levels in both tanks to the same depth. So make sure that both tanks are leveled or at least the top edges so no water will spill over. If you only have one pump available you can put the pump inside one of the tanks and pump the water via hose or which ever way you wish into the second tank. The water you pump into the second tank will make the water want to rise but the water bridge will prevent this from happening letting the water that is too much inside the second tank to flow back into the first creating a full circle. This is where acrylic or glass is REALLY nice to have because you will see the water inside the bridge. Plus if it a large bridge you will be able to see your fish or shrimp swim through it. Also you will be able to see if it is still (partially) filled with water . NOTE: If there is a lot of flow and/or and air stone close to it air bubbles might cause an air pocket inside the water bridge and break the vacuum which will in turn cause the flow back to the first tank to stop and thus one of your tanks to overflow!!
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