DIY Make your own Shrimp food

Pea Sticks/chunks There is an easy way to spoil you r shrimp with some fresh home made food. Very easy to make and what they will love is mashed peas sticks / chunks. You can make them as followed. Get yourself a bag or can of peas. GEt out a pan and heat it on  the stove and cook the peas like you normally would for a dinner. Once you have the peas cooked/boiled take them out the pan and get rid of the excess water. Put the peas into a blender or mash them by hand to a pulp. Take out a plastic bag and cut of a smal corner to create a nozzle for laying tracks of pulp. Put the wanted amount of mashed peas into the plastic bag you just cut the corner off. Take a overn plate with baking paper on it and lay down several tracks of pulp. In the meanwhile warm the oven to a temperature of 100-125 degrees celsius. Once you have the wanted amount on the plate insert the oven plate with pulp into the middle of the oven and leave the door open just slightly so the moisture can escape fast or if possible turn on the fan inside the oven. At first not much will happen but after a while you will se the tracks shrinking and breaking. This means they are drying accordingly. Turn over the sticks some times to evenly dry tthem on all sides. If you take out a piece and it feels hard and you can break it this means they are dry anough. Once the sticks are dry enough take them out and let them cool off a little. Store the food dry and koel. preferably in a bag or container. Treat your shrimp to this delicious snack every now and then. Especially ancistrus love it !! Also your shrimp will really love it.
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To add some more nutrition to the sticks you could add pulverized spinach or nettle. Below you can see the mix i often make to add some nutrients to the pea sticks.
Peas blended to a fine pulp.
Adding a tea spoon of nettle
Mix it all together and dry in oven at 100 C
adding half a tea spoon of spinach
The finished dried result
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