Red Rili Shrimp

Caring & Breeding Red Rili Shrimp

Description:  Rili shrimp is one of the easiest shrimps to keep suitable for any water parameters. These Rili Shrimp are really tough shrimp and can take “A beating”. like some other shrimp are very sensitive to waterchanges and/or minor problems,these rili shrimp just keep going. And while keeping fish these are ideal to help you to clean your tank of uneaten food and algae. You can see them as a clean up crew for your tank!! They are adaptable to wide range of water parameters. Look amazing and have interesting personality. You will receive them of different size and sex (mostly 1-1.5cm) Appearance:  Shrimp head and end of body are red. Middle of the body is transparent. Shrimp is fully colored at maturity. (around 5 months) Feeding: Omnivore with majority of vegetable content. Overfeeding of protein can cause health issues. Shrimp will feed on tank algae, algae waffels , boiled (baby) spinach leaves , paprika , and almost anything you thrown into the aquarium. Nitrite 0ppm Nitrates should always be as low as possible. Ammonia 0ppm As with nitrite, ammonia should always be 0 post cycling. Breeding:  If water conditions are ideal shrimp will breed really fast and alot when matured (3-4 months old). Shrimp will carry around 20-30 eggs for around 3-4 weeks of gestation period. After this period fully developed shrimplets are released. Tanks mates: Very small fish or shrimp of similar size. Mixing with other neocaridina will deliver mixed offspring and is not recommended. Can be mixed with any Caridina sp. without producing mixed offspring's. Size: Females grow slightly larger than the males . Males 1.5-2cm Females 2-2.5cm Aquarium size:  variable Difficulty: Easy Breeding Water parameters:  18-28C Degrees, PH Range 6.5-8, TDS 100-500 Note: Some species of shrimp are know to be able to handle water changes and/or PH swings.But even in these cases the survival rate will be much higher (especially for the shrimp fry) if are able to keep these level as steady as possible. In case of adding “new/fresh” water try adding it very slow or even dripping it into your tank.In case of Co2 do it EXTRA slow and dont forget to TURN IT OFF AT NIGHT!! You will notice an “explosion” in population and thus more to enjoy!!
Red Rili Shrimp Red Rili Shrimp with eggs Red Rili Shrimp ovaries and eggs Bushymouth Catfish Albino Catfish Red Belly Piranha Assassin Snail Ramshorn Snail Apple Snail
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