DIY Water (H20) sterilizer

There is an easy way to make a water sterilizer yourself. So if you are a little handy you wil be able to make it from a few household things. The MAIN things you will need are : 2 iron/steel mesh 1 power adapter DC (i used an 24vAC 560Mah adapter and added a small DC conversion circuit with push button) some plastic or other NON conductive materials. optional (push button) the “housing” to hold the 2 mesh can be anything really.(just make sure its not conductive) from self made plastic shapes to putting them inside a plastic lid or whatever you can come up with. just make sure the 2 mesh “grids” are parrallel and do not touch eachother. (keep them seperate but as close as possible together.) i suggest 1-2mm max. the closer together they are the better the results will be!!
DC  + DC  - optional push button switch mesh grids Or create one with multiple mesh grids connected  to get a BIG TSUNAMI EFFECT DC  + DC  - optional push button switch mesh grids small version outer ring Positive + devision ring Negative - outer ring LED lighting Cutting glass H20 Sterilizer HotWire Bender Shrimp food Egg tumbler Gravel Cleaner Waterbridge Co2 System Coconut HideOuts
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H20 Sterilizer