DIY Make your own Shrimp food

Baby Spinach It is easy to make some foods for shrimp like spinach. This case it is the baby spinach leaves.You can easily find them on your local supermarket. Only a small portion of the smallest package is already alot of food so it is not needed to use the whole package. If you intend to cook it as your dinner anyway then just put a few aside. Preparation: Get hold of a small pan and add water. Bring this to a boil. (or just do it with a bit if you intend cooking it for a meal) Once it is boiling add the desired amount of leaves. Time to leave this cooking is different on the net probably due to people using different pans or more or less heat. Also adding a lid does a lot. When the lid is pressed down tight onto the pan it will build up pressure which will cause the boiling temperature to drop. I myself boil for about 5-7 minutes. With this boiling it is the intention to “destroy” the structure of the leaves so you will have these soft fragile leaves which  fall apart very easy.So when boiling them look for dark soft easy breaking leaves. In the mean time take out 1 or more plates from the kitchen cabinet depending on the amount you make. Also a dish dry rack is helpfull to set the plate on its side as we stick the leaves to it to let water run of. After cooking is done take a leaf at a time and stick it to the plate as mentioned above and set the plate on its side for a while.After that we are going to dry it a little more with some paper towel. Take the leaves of the plate and rol or crumble them up and put them on the paper towel. Leave this for a little while.This will absorb more water out of the leaves. Be sure to leave enough space in between so the paper towel can actually absorb nearly all the water that is inside. After the pieces are dried somewhat take them into a freezing bag or container and store in the freezer. You can now feed your shrimp your own make baby spinach!! THEY WILL LOVE IT!!
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