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Growing your own Pine Apple  plant.

Grab a healthy looking pineapple from the super market. The aim is to separate the crown of the fruit. There are several ways to do this. You can cut with a knife just below the crown and above the fruit. Alternatively, if followed. Grab the fruit in one hand and the crown in the other. Now with a few twist motions you can "rotate" the crown of the fruit. you will now have a crown with a small piece of fruit attached to it.Leave this as it is Then we go around the plant to tear off a bunch of leaves. Start from the bottom where the fruit has been and go around the fruit one by one to pick the leaves off. This can quite easily be done by bending down the leaf and diagonally "stripping" it off. It may be that there are already small roots underneath these leaves. Usually, these dried out because the fruit is laying in the supermarket already a while. Strip leaves away untill u have about an inch free of leaves. A little trick is to trim the tips of the remaining leaves so it is easier to see when new leaves pop up. Now simply fill a glass or bowl with tap water or rain water and put the trimmed crown with the stripped bottom part into the water. Occasionally refresh the water and place them in a well-lit place. You will gradually see roots emerge after some time. when the roots are an inch or more long it is time transfer the plant to a pot or your garden. grab a decent size pot and fill for 80% with soil. leaves a hole in the middle where you put your plant carefully. Try not to break or damage the roots. The pineapple will anchor themself after some time with the roots in the soil. You can check this by checking on it and moving it a little. it should get firmer after some time. Provided that the pineapple is in a well-lit place you will see quite a difference within a few weeks. beautiful new spiked leaves appear. it will get a nice green color and ofcourse u will see itt grow! The pineapple plant is a beautyfull plant to have and does not require much attention and / or maintenance. The plant does not consume a lot of water so it is important that the soil it is not too wet. This may cause the roots to rot and the plant may die. The fruit of this plant can take a while. So if you quickly want to consume your own pineapple you will be dissapointed. It takes up to 12 months before the fruit is ripe and edible. (Depending on circumstances, this can vary) If all went well u are able to enjoy your own grown pine apple. BON APETITE !!
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