CRS & CBS Crystal Red Shrimp & Crystal Black Shrimp.

Crystal shrimp are easy recognizable by their striped markings and come in a wide variety of “grades” The grade the Crystal shrimp gets is depending on the pattern it has and intensity of white pigment and colors. These grades are given in letters and are from low to high C - B - A - S - S+ - SS - SSS . Mixing red and black in one tank can already result in nice variation of color but is no garantee. Mixing Crystal shrimp with other species like taiwan bee shrimp will result in even higher grade shrimp with names like Blue Jelly , Green Hulk and more. These higher grade shrimp are more rare and will have a much higher price than low grade shrimp. Below you will find a small graph on how the Crystal shrimp can cross breed with other kinds like tiger shrimp or taiwan bee shrimp to get really special patterns and with that beautyfull shrimp!! As shown in some of the picture on this page you can see what variety already comes from mixing Crystal Red with Black. I only had Low grade (B-A) Crystal Red and Black in this tank and already got a wide variety of colors and grades. From these low grades came fully black , fully red and totally white ones!!
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