Bushymouth Catfish - Ancistrus dolichopterus

Caring & Breeding ancistrus

Description:  The Ancistrus dolichopterus species is much like the rest of the Ancistrus species with only a few subtle differences. This is the only Ancistrus species that has one hard ray and nine soft ones comprising the dorsal fin. Each individual tends to not get along well with each other or with others of similar species. If you plan to keep more than one Bushy Mouth Catfish in your aquarium, be sure to provide plenty of space and separate territories for each one to retreat to.This Bushy Mouth Catfish is native to the Amazon, Tapajos and Negro River Basins of South America. Appearance:  Overal a dark body with dots alover its body. in some cases there can appear a beautyful pattern. some hobbyist are even out on search for specific patterns. Feeding: They feed mostly on algea in your tank and are herbivore but will eat a bloodworm when provided. It is also known to feed on dead carcasses of shrimp and fish depending on scarcety of food. Breeding:  The Bushy Mouth Pleco is easy to breed in captivity. (pregnant young female clinging to the glas in picture on the right) The female lays her eggs in a cave that the male has provided her. Once her 50 to 200 eggs are laid, she has nothing more to do with the parenting process. The male is responsible for watching over the eggs and fry until they are able to fend for themselves. Tanks mates: These fish can be mixed with a wide variety of aquarium inhabitants. from snails , shrimp to other fish. they are very peacefull fish and will not harm anything. Size: usual sizes are around 5.5-6.3 inches 14-16cm. It is difficult to distinguish between the males and females when they are young. It is not until they start to develop their bushy noses that you can tell the difference because only males develop the fleshy nose bristles. The females have no bristles. life span: These fish can grow to be aprox 12 years old. Aquarium size:  variable Difficulty: Easy-medium Breeding Water parameters: 23 - 29C Degrees, PH Range 5.5 - 7.8
Bushymouth Catfish Albino Catfish Red Belly Piranha Assassin Snail Ramshorn Snail Apple Snail
Very young catfish . approx 5-6 months 3cm in size
Ancistrus Dolichopterus Ancistrus Dolichopterus
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Bushymouth Catfish