LED lighting Cutting glass H20 Sterilizer HotWire Bender Shrimp food Egg tumbler Gravel Cleaner Waterbridge Co2 System Coconut HideOuts
DO IT YOURSELF There are many things in the aquatic hobby you can do/make yourself to make things a little easier. Many ideas have surfaced over the years for all kind of purposes in the hobby ranging from decorations to compleet systems for maintaining tanks and parameters. Within these DIY pages you will find some examples of projects these ideas i did. Ideas displayed on these pages are projects i did and use myself. Some project swill have more pictures as others due to the fact i do not walk around with a camera or telephone all day and especially when im working on these projects. I do however try to give as much detailed information about the ideas and projects as possible to share the information and maybe help out some people in the process who might need it. But as i probably will (re)do some projects or make more in the future i will add them to these pages and will try to keep in mind to make more pictures and videos during the process of making these projects.. In no way do i claim these ideas are mine or do i even want to suggest such a thing. These pages are here purely for informational purposes.
Led lighting
Coconut HideOuts
Water sterilizer
Heavy duty gravel cleaner / sump
internal filter/pomp section
Hot wire Akryl Bender
2 rows blue LED’s
3 rows cool white LED’s
Co2 System
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