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Get rid of unwanted snails in your tank with hired assassins! 

Helena Anetome. The snail-eating snail, also called the assassin snail is a small easy to keep snail and is usually not a threat to fish or shrimp. although that the snail in real food scarce quite like to try to grab a shrimp. Now shrimp are typically many times faster than snails naturally but it sometimes happens that the shrimp just sits at an awkward angle, not paying attention or just a bit dazed from a water change or modification and will feast snail weldegelijk Prawn . But generally will not fool a lot happen and they can well together. I have observed this myself in my aquariums.But despite its highly effective slag for controlling unwanted slakkenplaag.zoals pond snails or horn snails. Apple snails are not interesting for these snails. They are beautiful to see in a planted tank because of the contrasting yellow and chocolate brown zebra shell. In the wild they will typically be in clean, fast-flowing water with sand or granular soil. Although they may have a graze range of water conditions such as ponds and ditches. These snails are oppurtunistic carnivores and eat live prey as well as dead fish and shrimp. They hide in the substrate (soil) and only keep the slurfje above the ground. an unsuspecting passing slag will thus be varrast and / or being chased and eaten. Furthermore helena anetome harmless to fish and shrimp and no risk to fellow tank inhabitants. In reproduction snails will seek each other helena and constantly on and take kruipen.Sommige crossed even entire drives on another snail back. The helena plant is the easiest survival if it has enough food in the area and in particular for aquatic snails such as the port horn snail regularly can consume. The eggs are thin scaly-in the form of a square / diamond with a white dot.They usually are deposited on a hard surface on bit of a protected location. The helena lays one egg at a time and are easily overlooked. Fairly quickly get rid of a snail infestation it is recommended that about five of these snails to put your tank of about 60 liters. You'll be amazed how quickly they will clean up your unwanted snails. Remember to take out the majority of empty snail shells out the aquarium for calcium release into the water CAREFULL REMOVING EMPTY SHELLS FROM YOUR TANK!!. Due to the fact the new born “soon to be” assassin snails are to small to attack the ramshorn snails themselves they will devour the left overs inside the shell of the eaten ramshorn snails.
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