Welcome to graphics & logo’s page On this page you will find some example graphics which i started making over time. It started out for fun and showed my creations to a friend and asked me if i could create a easy logo for him. This logo was to put up a website for computer maintenance and repairs. This is what i made .. and he loved it! From there i started  making a few background images for a Crypto-currency wallet named GAIA. It started as just replacing the original inserted images to later actually learning a little how to alter the css and bootstrap to add sound Ended up creating quite a few themes for the wallet.Some of them are pretty nice. including STARWARS , 420 , MATRIX and MANY MORE!! Below you see some examples but there are alot more on the forum for all these cryptographic currencies. ALL these are available in the “in wallet” appstore of crypto-currency GAIA. Here is the link to the bitcointalk thread. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=807690 This coin has a normal QT wallet but also a very nice webwallet which is a skinnable wallet which you can easily change the themes within the menu and/or download games , E-books or apps from INSIDE your wallet!. play your favorite game from inside your wallet!! I also made some nice looking wallpapers for this coin. These should be available in the appstore under the tab “wallpapers” in the near future. Here are the wallpapers that are available right now. More will be available in time as i/we make more. More serious graphics After this i got into some more “serious” and selfmade graphics. They range from crypto poker-chips , coin logos , wallpapers to banners or headers for websites. First request i got was for a Website logo for crypto currency poker chipz called Cryptochipz.com. Here you can order pokerchips with the logo on it of your favorite crypto-currency. bitcoin , litecoin or whatever you wish. The logo i came up with had to match the kinda toxic green glow of the website. and the result speaks for itself!! The logo and here are two of the chips i got from cryptochipz. CHEERS!! Later i got a request for a website header in which the person gave a discription of what it needed to be. It had to represent LAS VEGAS mixed with crypto-currency BITCOIN. After discussing and making some adjustments this is the final result. This person also requested an “approval stamp” for rating . Client did not like the handle Go check out this bitcoinlasvegas.net !! it is a very interesting and educative site!! with lots of tips tricks on the bitcoin & altcoin scene. In the meantime i got working on some graphics just to “polish the skills” and got upon trying to “upgrade” some of the existing coins i liked or coin logo’s i liked. Also created a few of my own.below are some examples i made. (click to enlarge) These are just some of the crypto-currency graphics that i made.There have been many many more and will be more to come. Lateron i got a few other requests of people wanting a stamp or award of somekind. Below are some other example “award / stamps” i made
Coin 66 GAIA VIRAL EveryOneCOin (rebranded) OUTLAW RAILZ COVERT
Other fun graphics
My own shrimp graphic
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